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A Young Soprano Singer From The Gaither's Backup Group Who Stole the Show in 1981; Guess Who: by Phillip Mayaab

Those of us "older" folks who were conscious enough in the late 70s remember a time when the "live" album was one of the biggest fads in the music industry. On the mainstream side of the musical spectrum, live albums by artists like Peter Frampton and Kiss were some of the biggest selling r  read more

Who Was The Greatest Christian Rock Band of All Time? " In My Opinion".... By Philip Mayabb

Not many good things have risen from the end of something successful, usually the end of a successful entity involves bad vibes, people not getting along, etc. However, once in a while, something great will come to an end, only to have something else that is also successful to emerge from its d  read more

"The Yellow and Black Attack" Heavy Metal Enters The Christian Music Space; by Philip Mayaab

Do you remember many events from 1984? Some of us probably remember election night in November of that year, when President Reagan not only won re-election, but captured the electoral vote from 49 of the 50 United States, the lone holdout being the home of Democratic nominee Walter Mondale  read more

"There is just something Special About the Classic Hymns of The Church" and 2nd Chapter of Acts Delivers! by Philip Mayabb

There is just something special about the classic hymns of the church. Even though the majority of churches read the lyrics to their worship songs off the walls now, there once was a time when hymnals were what was used exclusively. To be honest, I miss the days when we would sing nothing but   read more