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You May Love or Disdain Chris Christian; The fact is, He is a Legend in the CCM World With a Great Album in 1981: By Philip Mayaab

In 1981, the contemporary Christian music scene was starting to grow quite a bit, but it still was nothing like it would be within a few years. There were no real big superstar artists yet, outside of the Imperials, and their stock was injured when Russ Taff left the group early in the yea  read more

If You Are a Gary Chapman Fan, Then This Weeks Blog is Just For You; by Philip Mayabb

This week we're featuring an album that I would not have been able to play not too long ago, although I've had a copy of it for many, many years. Around 1982 or so, I purchased my first copy of this album on an 8-track tape. I loved it so much that I wore that poor tape out, and then abou  read more

The Most Prolific Writing Team in the History of Christian Music: Guess Who? By Philip Mayaab

There are many reasons why I enjoy doing Vinyl Revival for CCM Classic...I love vinyl LPs (obviously), and I enjoy presenting them to our listeners in their original audiophile glory. There's just something about listening to a classic album in the old school manner. Second, I enjoy doing   read more