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Did You Know That Philip Bailey of Earth, Wing & Fire Crossded Over To CCM Music: by Philip Mayabb

There are few things that excite Christian music fans more than the stories about the artists who embark on a career in CCM after being in the mainstream, or secular market. We have featured some of these artists on Vinyl Revival, such as B.J. Thomas, Joe English, and Leon Patillo, and now  read more

Vinyl Revival's 1st Double Album Set: Read All About It: By Philip Mayabb

Ah, the double album set...yet another facet of the music industry from days gone by that has been largely forgotten. Oh I know that a majority of the new reissues on that really nice 280g vinyl are multiple record sets, but you must realize that is out of necessity. In order to get the s  read more

What Is The "True Story" Behind Andrae Crouch's Landmark Album; "Don't Give Up" By Philip Mayabb

As fans, we LOVE our music!! Back in the day, I used to love the anticipation I felt when I knew that one of my favorite artists was scheduled to release (they call it "drop" now) a new album, I loved seeing the new recording at the local Christian bookstore (they're mostly a thing of th  read more

A Mainstream Label Releases A Compilation Christian Album for the Very First Time: By Philip Mayabb

There is no exact science used in choosing the albums we feature on Vinyl Revival...I go through my own personal vinyl collection each week, and from there I pick an LP to play. We've played titles that some of you may have never heard before, and titles that everybody knows and lo  read more

Few names in CCM history garner the respect and notoriety as The Imperials: By Philip Mayabb

Few names in CCM history garner the respect and notoriety as The Imperials...17 Dove awards (including the very first for male group of the year in 1969). 4 Grammy awards, membership in the Gospel Music Association Hall Of Fame, and a roster of members that reads like a who's who of Christi  read more

A Goodwill Surprise Just For You: By Philip Mayaab

This week's Vinyl Revival blog is the most unusual I have written yet, and let me explain...I LOVE going to thrift stores, Goodwill stores, etc. looking for classic Christian music. In fact several of the albums you have heard over the last 17 months were actually purchased at those kind o  read more

Do You Remember Lanny Wolf? By Philip Mayaab

There have been many albums released over the years that fall into the category of "contemporary Christian music," and there are also a lot of albums that fans know by name...Age To Age, The Great Adventure, Morning Like This, Jesus Freak, The Big Picture, etc. Then you have the fans who might   read more

This week's album was the first cassette that I got from the music club: By Philip Mayabb

I have a unique memory tied to this week's Vinyl Revival feature the age of 17, I got my first job, and that meant that I had my own money to spend any way I wanted. Naturally, I wanted to invest in music, so I joined the Word Record And Tape Club. There were no Christian CDs avail  read more

You May Love or Disdain Chris Christian; The fact is, He is a Legend in the CCM World With a Great Album in 1981: By Philip Mayaab

In 1981, the contemporary Christian music scene was starting to grow quite a bit, but it still was nothing like it would be within a few years. There were no real big superstar artists yet, outside of the Imperials, and their stock was injured when Russ Taff left the group early in the yea  read more

If You Are a Gary Chapman Fan, Then This Weeks Blog is Just For You; by Philip Mayabb

This week we're featuring an album that I would not have been able to play not too long ago, although I've had a copy of it for many, many years. Around 1982 or so, I purchased my first copy of this album on an 8-track tape. I loved it so much that I wore that poor tape out, and then abou  read more