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"Everybody Needs A Little Help" David Meece by Philip Mayabb

Ah, the early days of the Contemporary Christian music "industry" in the late 70s...the "Jesus Music" era was winding down, and the days of artists just simply finding some place to perform, were coming to an end. Traditional Christians, who for many years had little choice in "gospel"   read more

"One of The Most Important Men In Christian Music This Era" Andrae Crouch; By Philip Mayaab

1973 was a year of big events. The Vietnam War was still two years from ending, the trials for the Watergate Scandal began, and Roe V. Wade was passed. On the musical front, Stevie Wonder cleaned up at the Grammy Awards, winning 4. The Oakland A’s won the World Series, the Mi  read more

Loved By So Many....Amy Grant by Phillip Mayabb

There are albums that will forever be considered “cornerstone” classics in the history of Contemporary Christian music, and this week’s Vinyl Revival LP, Amy Grant’s Age To Age, is absolutely one of the albums on that list. It was Amy’s first alb  read more

Another Hidden Gem...You Tell Phillip! Spurr & McNeil

I'm sure that most anyone who is a serious music fan can think of at least one artist who was not given a sufficient chance to show how good they really were. You know, those artists that are often referred to as "one hit wonders", who are generally remembered for a single song. Music of a  read more

"GRAND OPENING" Don't Miss Out! Andrus, Blackwoos & Co : By Phillip Mayaab

When it comes to musical upbringing, Sherman Andrus and Terry Blackwood could not have came from much different worlds. Terry came from one of the most iconic Southern Gospel families ever, being the son of Doyle Blackwood, who was a founding member of the legendary Blackwood Brothers Quar  read more

You Can Bet "That Ain't Hollywood" Sings Degarmo & Key: By Phillip Mayabb

In the world of Christian rock, the initials D&K are immediately recognizable. They belong to Eddie DeGarmo and Dana Key, the co-leaders of one of the genre's most popular bands from the late 70s to the mid 90s. During their career, they released 14 original band albums, 5 band compilation   read more

THE "BIG PICTURE" By Phillip Mayabb

Michael W. Smith is considered a CCM legend, and with good reason...he's earned it! After coming to Nashville in the early 80s to become a writer, Michael worked his way up the ladder, going from writer, to playing keyboards on Amy Grant's juggernaut Age To Age album and tour, t  read more

In 1983, The Band "Northbound" Did Something Very Special; by Philip Mayabb

Each week on Vinyl Revival, we try to play music that listeners will enjoy hearing, and with these blogs, I like to give readers an inside look into the albums that we's almost like telling stories about the music, if you will. Well this week, I have a story to tell you about one o  read more

From Miss Florida To CCM Sensation; Kim Boyce... By Philip Mayabb

We celebrated the month of May with five classic Christian Rock albums, and now that June is here, were going to start off the month with some music to make you want to dance. Our first album of the new month is the 1986 self-titled debut album from Kim Boyce. Kim grew up with mus  read more

Back To The Street With Rockman "John Schlitt"...By Philip Mayabb

If you are a Petra fanatic, I'm sure you will never forget 1986. The year started without long time lead vocalist Greg X. Volz, who shocked the Christian Rock world by leaving the band following the completion of the U.S. leg of the Beat The System tour. From there, everyone knows that fo  read more