CCM Classic Story, how we got started



Week: June 18 - June 24

Bryan Duncan Albums

"Whistlin" In The Park" 

"The Waiting Is Over"          

"Holly Rollin"

"Have Yourself Committed"

Avalon Albums

"A Hymns Collection" 

"A Maze of Grace"          

"Avalon 02 Remixed" 

Kathy Troccoli Album

"Better Days"

Benny Hester Album

"Personal Best" 

Vinyl Revival Special

"Northbound" Northbound

Scheduled Syndicated Shows

Jody McBrayer 1, 2, 3

Bryan Duncan

Kathy Troccoli

Benny Hester


Show Times

Monday, June 18

8:30AM, Kathy Troccoli Show
12:30PM,Kathy Troccoli Album
5:00PM, Plum Interview Show
7:00PM, Best of Plumb

Tuesday, June 19

8:30AM, Bryan Duncan Show
12:30PM,B.Duncan Committed Al
5:00PM, B. Duncan Whistlin"  Alb
6:00PM, Evie Tornquist Show
7:00PM,"" Vinyl Album

Wednesday, June 20

8:30AM, Jody McBrayer Show 1  
12:30PM,Jody McBrayer Show 2
5:00PM, Jody McBrayer Show 3
6:00PM, ""Vinyl Album

Thursday, June 21

8:30AM, Bryan Duncan Show
9:30AM,""Vinyl Album
12:30PM,B.Duncan Holly Album
5:00PM,B. Duncan Waiting Album

Friday, June 22

8:30AM, Benny Hester Show
12:30PM,"" Vinyl Album
4:45PM, Benny Hester Album

Saturday, June 23

10:00AM,"" Vinyl Alb.
11:00AM,Kathy Troccoli Show
12:00PM,Plum Show
2:00PM,Bryan Duncan Show 
3:00PM, Jody McBrayer Show 1 
4:00PM, Jody McBrayer Show 2 
5:00PM, Jody Mc Brayer Show 3 
6:00PM, Benny Hester Show

Sunday, June 24

Many Great Albums in Rotation

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