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Week: Aug 13 -Aug 19

Elvis Presley: Vinyl Revival; playing all week"He Touched Me" 

Song Highlight this week"Crying in The Chapel" "Allies"

Caedmon's Call Albums

"The Company of Angels"

"Caedmon's Call"      


Elvis Presley Album

"Ultimate Gold" 75 minutes

Best of:

Twila Paris: 90 minutes

"Babbie Mason" 


All 90s Music Show

Show 11

Show 12

Show 13

Syndicated Shows

John Schlitt/Jay Sekulow            Band Interview

Armond Morales of the         Imperials Interview 1

Armond Morales of the         Imperials Interview 2

Plumb: Tiffany Interview Show       (90 minutes)

Show Times

Monday, Aug 13

8:30AM,"Chronicles" Alb.
12:30PM"The Company of Angels"
5:30PM,"Caedmon's Call Alb.
6:30PM, All 90s Music Show 11
11:00PM Vinyl Revival"Elvis"

Tuesday, July 14

8:30AM, Armond Moralis Show1
12:30PM,Vinyl Revival "Elvis"
1:45PM,"Ultimate Gold" Elvis Alb.
6:00PM,Armond Morales Show 1
7:00PM, Vinyl Revival "Elvis"

Wednesday, August 15

7:30AM,Vinyl Revival "Elvis"
8:30AM,Schlitt/Sekulow Show 1
12:30PM, Best of Twila Paris
4:00PM, Vinyl Revival"Elvis"
5:30PM, Best of Babbie Mason
6:30PM,Schlitt/Sekulow Show 1

Thursday, August 16

6:30AM, Vinyl Revival "Elvis"
1:30PM, Vinyl Revival "Elvis"
2:30PM,"Ultimate Gold" Elvis Alb
6:30PM, All 90s Music Show 12
9:00PM, Schlitt/Sekulow Show"

Friday, August 17

5:00AM, Schlitt/Sekulow Show
8:30AM, Plumb Show (2 Hrs)
11:00PM,Vinyl Revival "Elvis"
12:30PM,Best of Plumb
4:30PM, Plumb Show (2 Hrs)
6:30PM,All 90s Music Show 13
8:00PM, Vinyl Revival "Elvis"

Saturday, August 18

10:00AM,Vinyl Revival "Elvis"
11:00AM,Armond Morales Show 1
12:00PM,Armond Morales Show 2
1:00PM, Schlitt/Sekulow Show
2:00PM, Plumb Show
4:00PM,"Ultimate Gold" Elvis Alb  
6:30PM, Vinyl Revival "Elvis"

Sunday, August 19

All Day Song Rotation

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Song Highlight of The Week
"Crying In The Chapel"

This week, we celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the passing of one of the most iconic and influential musical performers in history, Elvis Presley. While he will forevermore be known as "The King Of Rock And Roll", Elvis was never ashamed to admit that his first love musically was gospel music. From his early days singing in church, to attending all night gospel singings as a young man, Elvis always seemed to be in his element when would sing a Christian song, which is probably why the three Grammy awards he won during his lifetime were all for gospel recordings. 
 In 1960, Elvis recorded his biggest charting gospel song ever, a ballad called "Crying In The Chapel". During its 11 week run on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, this classic song reached a peak position of number 3, making it a fan favorite worldwide. 29 years later, Allies covered the Presley hit on their album "Long Way From Paradise", but they used a 50s doo wop style arrangement, featuring lead singer Bob Carlisle's powerhouse vocal performance. The song became one of the biggest hits in the band's history, proving that a classic song sounds too old, when it is performed properly. 
 This week, we are proud to dust off that 1989 Allies recording of Crying In The Chapel, and present it as our Song Highlight Of The Week, as we look back at the influence of the late, great Elvis Presley on the Contemporary Christian Music scene in the early 70s. We hope you will enjoy this updated version of an all time gospel standard, performed as only Allies can!

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