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Happy New Year 2019


Week: Jan 14 -Jan 20

Song Highlight this week: Coming

Vinyl Revival

"Farrell & Farrell"  Make Me Ready


"Front Row" David Meece

"Surrender" Clay Crosse

"Mylon LeFevre" Greatest Hits

"Change You Made in Me"         Nancy Honeytree

"Sandi Patti" The Finest Moments

All 90s Music

Shows 1, 2, 5

Artists Shows & Album 

Jenny & Tyler

David Meece Shows 1&2&3

New Song Shows 1 & 2

Mylon LeFevre Shows

Clay Cross

Best of

Chuck Girad

Randy Stonehill

Phillips, Craig & Dean

2nd Chapter of Acts

Rick Elias

Monday, January 14

7:30AM, Jenny & Tyler Show 
8:30AM, All 90s Show 1
10:30AM, All 90s Show 2
12:00PM, Best of Chuck Girard
2:00PM, Best of Randy Stonehill
4:00, Chuck Girad Show
5:00, Best of Chuck Girard
6:00, Jenny & Tyler Show
7:00PM, Best of Chuck Girard

Tuesday, January 15

7:30AM, David Meece Show 1
8:30AM, Album "Front Row"  David Meece
9:30AM, Best of Phillips,Craig & Dean...4 hours 45 minutes 
3:00PM, David Meece Show 2
4:00, Best of Rick Elias 
5:00, All 90s Show 5
6:00, Album "There I Go Again" David Meece
7:00PM, David Meece Show 3

Wednesday, January 16

7:30AM, Nancy Honeytree Show
8:30AM, Album "Change you Made in Me" Nancy Honeytree
9:30AM, Album"Evergreen"  Nancy Honeytree
11:00PM, Vinyl Revival"Make Me Ready" Farrell & Farrell
12:00, Sandi Patty Show
1:00, Album"Finest Moments" Sandi Patty
2:30, John Elefante Show
4:00, Vinyl Revival"Make Me Ready" Farrell & Farrell
5:00, Nancy Honeytree Show
6:00, Sandi Patty Show
7:00PM, John Elefante Show

Thursday, January 17

7:30AM, Mylon LeFevre Show 1
8:30AM, "Greatest Hits"         Mylon LeFevre
9:30AM, New Song Show 1
10:30AM, New Song Show 2
11:30AM, Album"I Surrender All" Clay Crosse
12:30PM, Clay Crosse Show
2:00, Vinyl Revival"Make Me Ready" Farrell & Farrel
3:00, Best of 2nd Chapter of Acts
5:00, Mylon LeFevre Show 1
6:00, New Song Show 1
7:00PM, New Song Show 2

Friday, January 18


Saturday, January 19


Sunday, January 20

Song Rotation All Day

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Song Highlight of The Week
"An Evening in December" First Call

One of the great things about Christmas music is that you can enjoy songs that are performed by artists that you may not listen to normally, and we're going to prove it with our Song Highlight Of The Week.  We are featuring one of the most beautiful renditions of the all time classic "Silent Night" that you may ever hear, but it is not by a CCM artist...instead it is from one of the greatest Southern Gospel quartets of all time, The Cathedrals.

From 1964 to 1999, The Cathedrals dominated the world of Southern Gospel music.  Originally formed as a trio with the sole purpose of being the musical support for televangelist Rex Humbard, The Cathedrals added legendary bass singer George Younce to become a four part male quartet, and the rest is history.  By 1985, they were the toast of the Southern Gospel industry, winning the award as the fans' favorite group at the Singing News Fan Awards.  That year, The Cathedrals released "A Cathedral Christmas A Capella", which is still a favorite of Southern Gospel fans to this day. Ironically, The Cathedrals did not release the only acapella Christmas album in Christian unknown group named First Call released an acapella holiday LP called "An Evening In December" that same year.  It is not a coincidence that both of these albums are considered two of the best Christian holiday classics of all time.

You will be hard pressed to find another recording of Silent Night that can compare to this beautiful arrangement recorded by The Cathedrals, and we will be featuring it all week, as our song highlight.  If you have never heard it, prepare to be impressed.  If you have heard it, enjoy it with the rest of us this week on CCM Classic.


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