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Week: July 15 - July 21

Viny Revival: "To Sing is The Thing"The Imperials


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Monday, July 15

12:00AM, Song of The Week
8:00AM, Ivan Parker Show 1
9:00AM, Album "Best Ones" 4Him
10:30AM, Song of The Week
11:00AM, Vinyl Revival "To Sing is The Thing" The Imperials
12:00PM, Album "No Compromise" Keith Green
1:30PM, Album "Spreadin Like Wildfire" The Archers
3:00PM, Song of The Week
3:30PM, Album "Our Recollections" Randy Stonehill
5:00PM Album "Rarities and Remixes" Point of Grace
6:30PM Vinyl Revival "To Sing is The Thing" The Imperials
9:00PM, Song of The Week

Tuesday, July 16

2:30AM, Song of The Week
7:30AM, Song of The Week
8:00AM, Album "The Call" Anointed
9:30AM, Vinyl Revival "To Sing is The Thing" The Imperials
10:30AM, Farrell & Farrell Show 1
11:00AM, Farrell & Farrell Show 2
12:30PM,Playlist of Personal Favorites of Bob and Jane Farrell
2:00PM, Song of The Week
2:30PM, Album "I can Hear You" Carolyn Arends
4:00PM, Album "The River is Rising" Greg Volz
5:00PM Album "More Power to Ya" Petra
7:00PM Vinyl Revival "To Sing is The Thing" The Imperials
10:00PM, Song of The Week

Wednesday, July 17:


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Saturday, July 20

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Sunday, July 21

Many Great Albums in Rotation

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Barry McGuire
“Cosmic Cowboy”

Barry McGuire was one of several former rock artists who became born again Christians in the 70s, during the Jesus Music movement.  Like the rest of the singers, McGuire knew only one thing - music, and so he, like all of the others started singing Christian music.  It was during his brief stint in Christian music that Barry McGuire recorded one of my favorite songs of the Jesus Music era, it was called "Cosmic Cowboy," and it is our Song Highlight Of The Week.

Now, the concept of cowboys in the sky was not a new one, Burl Ives had actually recorded "Ghost Riders In The Sky" in 1949, but this is the first (and as far as I know the only) time that subject has been made into a Christian song.  The result is four minutes and 49 seconds of pure joy, that you're going to love, if you've never heard it before. McGuire's masterful storytelling skills are front and center on this track, and it is a great representation of what the music of the original era of CCM was all about.

We hope you will enjoy this short CCM history lesson this week, as feature a lost classic on the Song Highlight Of The Week.  It will air several times each day this week, so be sure to listen in, and enjoy this fun throwback to the late 70s, and the Jesus Music era, on CCM Classic.

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