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Week: July 23 - July 29

Amy Grant: Age to Age   Vinyl Revival All Week    

Song Highlight:     Butterfly Kisses

All Week Long  

Other Amy Grant Albums

"Never Alone"45 min.

"My Fathers Eye" 45 min.      

"The Collection" 75 min.

Other Albums

"More" Gary Paxton

"Chronicles" Caedmon's Call

"Big World" Bruce Carrol

"Short Term Memories" Chris Rice

Syndicated Shows

Sonic FLOOd Show 1

Sonic FLOOd Show 2

Michael O'Martian Show

New Song Show 1 

New Song Show 2

Morgan Cryar Show

Bruce Carroll Show

Show Times

Monday, July 23

8:30AM, Morgan Cryar Show
12:00PM, Chris Ricel Album
1:00PM, Vinyl Revival Album
6:00PM Morgan Cryar Show

Tuesday, July 24

7:30AM, Vinyl Revival Album
8:30AM, Michael O'Martian Show
12:00PM,Amy Grant"Never Alone"
4:00PM, Vinyl Revival Album
4:45PM, Gary Paxton Album
6:00PM, Michael O'Martian Show

Wednesday, July 25

8:30AM, Sonic FLOOd  Show 1
12:00PM, Amy"My Fathers Eye"
5:00PM, Sonic FLOOd Show 2
7:00PM, Vinyl Revival Album

Thursday, July 26

8:30AM, Bruce Carroll Show
12:00PM, Vinyl Revival Album
12:45PM, Bruce Carrol Album
4:45PM, Amy "The Collection"
6:00PM, Bruce Carroll Show

Friday, July 27

8:30AM, New Song Show 1
12:00PM, Caedmon's Call Album
5:00PM, Vinyl Revival Album
6:00PM, New Song Show 2

Saturday, July 28

11:00AM, Morgan Cryar Show
12:00AM, Michael O'Martian Sho
1:00PM, Sonic FLOOd Show 1
2:00PM, Sonic FLOOd Show 2
3:00PM, Bruce Carroll Show
4:00PM, New Song Show 1
5:00PM, New Song Show 2
6:00PM, Vinyl Revival Album

Sunday, July 29

Many Great Songs in Rotation

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Song Highlight of The Week
“Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle

When writing this song Bob Carlisle himself states "I wrote it for my daughter Brooke, just prior to her 16th birthday. I think, just like a lot of dads and husbands, I hadn't taken time to sit still long enough to realize that this child isn't gonna be with me too much longer and one evening I just came unglued. 

 The song just poured out of me, almost in its entirety." His motivation for the song, or more so his intention for it was not for it to become a three million selling song chart topping hit song. Perhaps, because his reason for writing it was purely personal and meaningful to him that is why the song became the hit that it did. 

 This song relates and expresses what so many people feel, it truly touches people on an emotional level. On the surface this song comes across as being about fatherhood and the relationship between a father and a daughter, but on a deeper level as Bob himself puts it 'Butterfly Kisses' is not a song about fatherhood. It's a song about gratitude - 'With all that I've done wrong, I must have done something right.' That honesty and love resounded with people from all walks of life.

 'Butterfly Kisses' was a platform that God gave me, opening doors through which I could carry a torch, and what a blessing from God."In the case of analyzing the use of butterflies in the song with the term ‘Butterfly Kisses’, you have to look at the meaning on a deeper level. The term ‘Butterfly Kisses’ isn’t used to describe an actual action of butterfly kisses, but is used to express a sentiment. Carlisle is a religious Christian man and as he states the meaning of the song to be that of gratitude, you can also place the meaning of his sentiment of ‘Butterfly Kisses’ to be that of gratitude.

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