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Week: Nov 11 to Nov 17

Song Highlight:

"Do Right"  Paul Davis

Vinyl Revival

"Fireworks"  Marty Mccall


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Song Highlight of The Week
"Do Right" Paul Davis

This week's Song Highlight is a reverse play, let me explain...several Christian artists have had crossover success in the pop market, but what happens when a pop artist has a crossover hit in the Christian market?  Can you think of any?  We have one, and not only was the song a hit on the CCM charts, it spent four weeks on top of them!

Our Song Highlight this week is a number one from pop singer Paul Davis, called "Do Right."  The song was released as a single to the general pop market in 1980, but it failed to register on the charts, but when CCM radio picked it up, it went all the way to #1 on the CCM Magazine Adult Contemporary chart, and stayed there for four weeks.  

While Paul Davis will be remembered by pop fans for his songs "Cool Night" and "I Go Crazy," CCM fans remember him for this little ditty, and this week, we're remembering him for it as well.  Be listening for the song each day, as our Song Highlight Of The Week.

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