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Week: Nov 19 -Nov. 25

Song Highlight this week:

"Thankful Heart" Petra

Vinyl Revival

"Let My People Go"The Winans


Sweet Comfort Band"Breakin The Ice

"Out of The Grey "The Collection"

Holm, Sheppard, Johnson    "Soldiers Again"

DC Talk"Welcome to The Freak Show"

Whiteheart" Greatest Hits

Limpic & Rayburn                    "Caught in The Crossfire"

Tammy Trent"Sunny Days

Nicol Sponberg "On Our way Home"

Amy Grant"The Collection"

Christmas Albums

First Call"An Evening In December"

Amy Grant"A Christmas To Remember"

BeBe Winans"My Christmas Prayer"

Sandi Patty"The Gift Goes On"

Bryan Duncan"A Nehosoul Christmas"

Syndicated Shows

Wes King

Tammy Trent

Andrae Crouch

Jonny Diaz

Larnelle Harris

Mylon LeFevre

Twila Paris

Best of:

Jaci Vallesquez

Monday, November 19

8:00AM, Sweet Comfort Band "Breakin The Ice"                
9:00AM, "Out of The Grey               "The Collection"
11:00AM,Vinyl Revival"Let My People Go" The Winans
12:00PM, Holm, Sheppard, Johnson "Soldiers Again"
1:15PM, DC Talk              "Welcome to The Freak Show"
3:30PM, Whiteheart" Greatest Hits
5:00PM, Vinyl Revival               "Let My People Go" The Winans
6:30PM, Limpic & Rayburn               "Caught in The Crossfire"
8:00PM, Amy Grant"Age To Age

Tuesday, November 20

7:00AM,Wes King Show
8:00AM,Vinyl Revival                "Let My People Go" The Winans
9:00PM, First Call                      "An Evening In December"
10:30PM, Tammy Trent Show
11:30PM, Tammy Trent        "Sunny Days"
1:00PM, Andrae Crouch Tribute
3:00PM,Vinyl Revival                "Let My People Go" The Winans
4:30PM,Nicol Sponberg Show
5:45PM,Nicol Sponberg           "On Our way Home"
7:30PM, Jonny Diaz Show 1
8:30PM, Jonny Diaz Show 2

Wednesday, November 21

7:30AM, Larnelle Harris Show
9:30AM, Mylon LeFevre Show 1
10:30PM, Mylon LeFevre Show 2
11:45PM, Vinyl Revival                "Let My People Go" The Winans
12:45PM, Best of Jaci Valesquez
2:30PM, Amy Grant                     "A Christmas To Remember"
4:30PM,Twila Paris Show
6:00PM, Vinyl Revival                "Let My People Go" The Winans

Thursday, November 22 / Christmas Albums

8:00AM, Bryan Duncan               "A Nehosoul Christmas"
10:00AM, BeBe Winans            "My Christmas Prayer"
12:00PM, Sandi Patty              "The Gift Goes On"
2:00PM, Bryan Duncan               "A Nehosoul Christmas" 4:00PM,BeBe Winans               "My Christmas Prayer"
6:00PM, Sandi Patty                "The Gift Goes On"

Friday, November 23/Coming

Saturday, November 24/Coming

Sunday, Nov 25

Rotation All Day

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Song Highlight From Last Week
"Thankful Heart" Petra

This week we will observe Thanksgiving, a day set aside to thank God for His blessings in our lives. To help celebrate, our Song Highlight Of The Week is Petra’s 1986 classic “Thankful Heart”.  It is a song of many “firsts”…the band’s first radio single with lead singer John Schlitt, the first single from the album “Back To The Street”, and their first radio hit that was produced by Dino and John Elefante.

Since there was no internet in 1986, this song actually gave most fans their first opportunity to hear the “new” Petra.  After the heavy electronic sound of “Beat The System”, the band went back to a more organic sound with Schlitt, and this song signaled the beginning of a new era. Even though it was a ballad, this classic hit speaks of having a thankful heart, given by the Lord Himself. The fans loved the new, back to basics approach that Petra had embraced, and the song became a major hit, kicking off the band’s second coming with a bang.  Be listening for our Song Highlight all week long, as it will be playing several times each day this week, and don’t forget to thank the Lord everyday for His many blessings.

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