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FB Post Wednesday_10.28.2020

Greetings SM Family (Korean) SM 패밀리 인사말 SM paemilli insamal Once again we are moving into mid-week. I hope that you have been enjoying the programming this far this week. If not, I would like to know; if there is anything that you have particularly enjoyed, please let me know.   read more

FB Post Tuesday_ 10.27.2020

Greetings SM Family, Well we made past Monday Oct. 26 and once again we are off to a great week of music. So tomorrow, Tuesday we will be playing songs in a general rotation. We have over 3000 songs in the que so there is something for everyone. However I did program Vinyl Revival and the   read more

FB Post Gospel Monday_10.26.2020

Hello My Friends Hebrew ( שלום חברים שלי מה) I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed our Sunday special programming, I can use some input; did you enjoy it? Where do the weeks go; Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. We will be doin  read more