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Greetings All You Wonderful People,
It is almost Tuesday Febraury 9, and we have some great music and shows just for you!
Check out the Program Playlist below:
VINYL REVIVAL:LISA WHELCHEL- Ah yes, the eighties...everything was BIG! Big hair, big personalities, big ambitions, etc. The eighties were big, and contemporary Christian music made its biggest strides during the decade. Artists began selling more albums and concert tickets, mainstream record label sought out CCM artists, because let's face it, the industry was turning great profits. During the eighties, labels such as MCA, CBS, and others were not only attempting to sign Christian artists, but were also creating Christian labels specifically for the new talent they were signing. Yes, the eighties were a great time to be in the Christian music industry. Read all about this at the link provided.___ http://www.ccmclassic.com/.../do-you-remember-lisa...
The song of the week is “More of Jesus” by Mylon LeFevre. You can read the lyrics at__ http://www.ccmclassic.com/.../do-you-remember-lisa...
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Jeremiah 29:11: Here is a scripture of Hope to meditate on:
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Here is the Program Schedule For Tuesday, February 9:
1AM Song of the Week “More of Jesus” Mylon LeFevre
7AM Vinyl Revival “All Because of You” Lisa Whelchel
8AM Show 1 /Interview With Bonnie Keen
9AM Show 2 /Interview With Bonnie Keen
10AM Album “All Systems Are Go” The Archers
10:45AM Song of the Week “More of Jesus” Mylon LeFevre
11AM Album “Falling Forward” Margaret Becker
12PM Album “The Very Best of Aaron Jeoffrey”
1PM Album “Butterfly Kisses” Bob Carlisle
2PM Show 1 /Interview With Cynthia Clawson
3PM Album “Prayer & Plainsong” Cythia Clawson
4PM Album “The Early Works” Twila Paris
5:15PM Song of the Week “More of Jesus” Mylon LeFevre
5:30PM Album “Recollection” Nichole Nordeman
7PM Album “Back to The Rock” Petra
8PM Song of the Week “More of Jesus” Mylon LeFevre
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I hope that you will tune in!
Listen by computer:
Many Blessings
Michael Lederer

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Tomas Lucash commented on 11-Apr-2021 03:52 AM
good job, I love ccmclassic.com !

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