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FB Post Friday_2.5.2021

A Blessed Friday To All, It is almost Friday February 5, just another day in Paradise! lol Another week races by and God Only Really Knows Why The People In Power Do What They Do. Well enough said and what is a feel good moment is “Great Music”   read more

FB Post Monday_2.1.2021

Greetings This Fine Monday SM Family, It is almost Monday Febraury 1, can you believe it? The weeks and months seem to come and go at lightening speed. I hope that you all are staying healthy and keeping optimistic! Today we continue mixing some Southern Gospel (the  read more

FB Post Wednesday_1.26.2020

A Good Monday SM Family, It is Wednesday January 27 and I hope that you are taking my advice and diving into things that put a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart. In these troubling times; Remember always that God is Still and Always will be On The Throne.   read more

FB Post Wednesday _1.13.2020

Greetings and I Hope That Are Being Richly Blessed, It is Wednesday, January 13 and below is some scripture to meditate on: The Apostle Paul instructed the Colossians, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly; teach and admonish one another in all wisdom; a  read more

FB Post Wednesday_1.6.2021

Greetings SM Family, It is Wednesday January 6. I know that I have been bombarding you with a call for HELP! I need blog writers, folks that want to get involved in programming and social media people. There has got to be some of you out there amongst the 5000+ SM friends. I   read more

FB Post Tuesday_1.12.2021

Greetings and I Hope That You had a Good Monday, It is Tuesday, January 12 and I have a really good day of music planned for you. This weeks “Vinyl Revival” is Russ Taff’s great album Medals and you can read all about it at___ http://www.ccmclassic.com/blog/we-are-tal  read more

FB Post Sunday_1.3.2021

Greeting FB Family! It Is Sunday January 3rd and here is an event in history that took place on this day 1870 - Brooklyn Bridge Construction work begins on the Brooklyn Bridge one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States connecting the boro  read more

FB Post Saturday_1.1.2021

Greetings and Once Again “A Happy and Blessed New Year” It is Saturday January 2nd we are in 2021: Have you made a New Year Resolutions? Tell us about it! Do you have any special requests for CCM Classic in 2021? TWO IMPORTANT QUESTIONS BELOW!   read more

FB Post Thursday_12.31.2020

Greetings SM Family, Tonight is the eve of the New Year and it will look very different around the world. We are living in such intense times; please lift up prayers for Nashville and all of its peoples. As many of you know, most of your Christian artists live in this town. A  read more

FB Post Monday_12.28.2020

A Blessed Monday to You All! We are closing in on the new year 2021, how can that be? I know that we are all praying for major breakthroughs and asking for God’s hands on this nation, out family, friends and loved ones. Are you interested in writing a Blog  read more