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White Heart 1982 Rewind; Don't Miss This!! by Philip Mayabb

In the year of our Lord 1981, the Bill Gaither Trio released a historically significant album...a double LP called "Live Across America". The album was significant for two reasons...first, it included Bill Gaither and Gary McSpadden singing in a quartet with backup singers Steve Green a  read more

Everybody Needs A Liitle Help Rewind Sings David Meece; by Philip Mayabb

Ah, the early days of the Contemporary Christian music "industry" in the late 70s...the "Jesus Music" era was winding down, and the days of artists just simply finding some place to perform, were coming to an end. Traditional Christians, who for many years had little choice in "gospel"   read more

Dallas Holm Praise Live Rewind; by Philip Mayaab

We're bringing a very special album to you this week. Recorded and released in 1977 "Dallas Holm & Praise Live" is a landmark LP. This is one a very small handful of albums that I consider a "must have" for any classic CCM fan. Over 500,000 copies of this album have sold making it an  read more