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Having Fun With Amy Grant's Vinyl, I mean Cassette, I mean cd of "The Collection" Sound Confusing? Read all About it! By Philip Mayabb

We're doing something a little different on this week's edition of the Vinyl Revival blog. Instead of going in to a lot of history on the songs, the artist, or the albums itself, we're just going to have a little fun with each. So to give the details right of the top, this week's featu  read more

Mrs. CCM Classic; Evie Again by Philip Mayaab

I am just assuming that a good majority of the people who read the weekly Vinyl Revival blogs are members of a certain age group (like myself) who remember the "good ole days" of Contemporary Christian Music. I believe it is safe to assume also that most of us have stories we could tell  read more

Michael W Smith's Big Surprise With"i 2 (EYE); by Philip Mayabb

Welcome to another week of CCM Classic's Vinyl Revival, and this week, we are featuring a record that a LOT of people still love - we get plenty of reaction when we play the digital version on the air. I have wanted to play it for quite a while now, the only problem was I had to find a vinyl co  read more

Top Ten Songs For 1977" Chosen by The Members of The GMA and The Stories Behind Them; by Philip Mayabb

Not too long ago on Vinyl Revival, we brought you the very first set of ten songs that were nominated for the 1970 Dove Award for Song Of The Year. Even though most of the songs in that collection were traditional Southern Gospel songs (the lone exception being The Imperials' amazing re  read more

All It Takes is A Mustard Seed of Faith:by Philip Mayabb

As we have discussed in these blogs before, the roots of modern Contemporary Christian Music can be traced to the late 1960s, when musicians on the US west coast (i.e. California) began leaving the hippie lifestyle, and receiving Jesus Christ as their savior. These musicians knew only o  read more