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We All Hit Our Stride With A "Fresh Surrender ": Read All About It; by Philip Mayabb

Welcome to another edition of the CCM Classic Vinyl Revival blog, and this week is going to awesome, because we are featuring one of those albums that most of us would consider a "must have" for anybody who claims to be a CCM buff. There are some recordings that you should have in your   read more

Can You Name The Album That Hold The Group's Personal Record For Most Chart Singles? By Philip Mayabb

There are weeks when choosing the album for CCM Classic's Vinyl Revival can really be a chore...I try to vary the type of music (pop, rock, inspirational, etc.), and above all, try to make sure that we don't feature the same artist too often. That can be difficult, because I have a tend  read more

Cruse With The Cruse Family; By Philip Mayabb

The music industry is constantly evolving, sounds that were popular many years ago are considered passé in today's society. That means that for the artists themselves, re-invention is a necessary component if you plan on a long, successful career. That's what we're going to expl  read more

Wayne Watson: There’s Strength In Songs by Deborah Evans Price. American Songwriter Magazine

American Songwriter Magazine by Deborah Evans Price <https: //> Make sure to go and listen to this wonderful Video Interview with Wayne: When notified by his manager that he was the top Christian  read more