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Songwriting; Commerce vs. Art:

Songwriting: Commerce vs. Art: By Michael Anderson As a writer and teacher I am often asked the same questions concerning songwriting – the first one being “What comes first, the music or the lyric”? My favorite answer to that question is: “Yes”. But   read more

After the Inspiration; by Michael Anderson

Songwriting: After the Inspiration By Michael Anderson I am back at school after a short break teaching songwriting again and I am always surprised at how different every group of students is from the previous semester. This quarter has brought a new perspective and I wonder  read more

Songwriting Basics – One Step At A Time; by Michael Anderson

Songwriting Basics – One Step At A Time By Michael Anderson Songwriting as Structure: Most people I meet in my business have a dream. They want to write a hit song. Sometimes they’ve pursued that dream with no compromise; with a full time career in the   read more

Do You Love 2nd Chapter of Acts; by Philip Mayaab

There is just something special about the classic hymns of the church. Even though the majority of churches read the lyrics to their worship songs off the walls now, there once was a time when hymnals were what was used exclusively. To be honest, I miss the days when we would sing nothing   read more