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Songwriting: Fearless: By Michael Anderson

I always tried to find a way to make my classes relevant to the students that are there rather than have a format that I impose – so I asked a lot of questions at the beginning of a term to get an idea of where the s  read more

"The 5 Minute Songwriting Class” by Michael Anderson

"The 5 Minute Songwriting Class” Part I: The first thing is you need a good idea – I have lectured on that over and over here. Creativity is about process – the old “success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration” routine – but without that 10% i  read more

Conversational Lyrics by Michael Anderson

Songwriting: Conversational Lyrics By Michael Anderson In working with songwriters sometimes the most difficult area to give definitive method and approach is in lyric writing. Writers by nature are an individual lot – it is their stylistic personality and even idiosyncra  read more