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A True Tennessee Christmas; by Philip Mayabb

Amy Grant is, and will forevermore be, Christian music royalty. I know some of you are shaking your heads at me right now, and that's fine, not everybody likes Amy for many different reasons, some musical, some personal, and that is your prerogative, but like it or not, she IS at the top of the  read more

"Let My People Go" Said Both Moses and The Winans; by Philip Mayaab

Truth be told, there may not be a more talented family in the history of Christian music than the Winans. Based in Detroit, this family has produced success in the music industry like no other, with nearly every member (including Mom and Pop Winans) releasing successful, and often award winning   read more

The Brooklyn Girl With The Soul Filled Voice; by Philip Mayabb

There are a number of things that I still remember about 1982…I turned 15 years old that July, I attended my first professional baseball and hockey games (and our beloved St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series), and several great CCM albums came out that year. Albums like Ag  read more

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head:Read All About It; by Philip Mayaab

It was the type of story that Christian music fans could sink their teeth into...A well known mainstream music artist accepts Jesus as their savior, and begins singing Christian music. It has happened several times over the years, but in 1976, B.J. Thomas became one of the first major c  read more

A Sad Time As We say Goodbye To A "True Legend" .."One More Song For You" by Philip Mayab

This will be one the easiest, but saddest blogs I will ever write. My all time favorite CCM astists, The Imperials issued an official statement this past weekend that after 54 years, the group would be retiring. Part of me was not surprised…a run of 54 years in any musical ge  read more

"Guitarist Extraordinaire" Guess Who? By Philip Mayaab

There are some names that are instantly recognizable in almost every professional field, and contemporary Christian music is no exception. While some artists may be recognized by a small number of fans, others are instantly known by multitudes of people, even folks who aren't necessarily f  read more

Vocal Harmonies That Will Make You Pay Attention;"First Call's Undivided" by Philip Mayaab

Throughout the history of Contemporary Christian music, there have been numerous vocal groups who have taken the art tight harmony to another level. When you hear them sing, you instantly recognize the work that they have put in to perfecting their vocal "blend", and if you're like me, the  read more

The Cornerstone of The CCM Music Industry:Guess Who? Philip Mayabb

When the name Gaither is mentioned to a Christian music fan, most of them will instantly think about the long running Homecoming series of videos, or the successful tours of the same name. For the past 25 years, the Gaithers have been a cornerstone of the Southern Gospel market, and SG fa  read more

Have You Ever Heard "Voices" If So, Have You Ever Talked To Anyone About It? by Philip Mayaab

I think every musical genre has artists who are known for their voice as much as they are for the songs they sing. Most everyone would instantly recognize the voice of Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Nat King Cole, or many others just like them. Christian music is no different...there ar  read more

A Personal Confession: "Roby Duke" by Philip Mayaab

There is an old Scottish proverb that says "Open confession is good for the soul", so before we get into our blog this week, I have a confession...two actually. Even though I pick albums from my own personal LP collection to play on Vinyl Revival each week, this one is actually borrowed fro  read more